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Snap Trap - Evolution

Under construction  ------------------  Observations of the trap

Molecular evidence points to a common origin of the two snap traps (Aldrovanda & Dionaea)

The basic mechanism for both snap traps must be the same... actually identical...

Furthermore, the mechanism responsible for snap traps must be derived from sundew....  Tentacle bending and  leaf folding..

The basic mechanism for leaf motion common throughout Drosera-Aldrovanda-Dionaea evolution is most likely to be a sudden (or relatively quick) drop of turgor pressure on one side of the structure in question, creating an imbalance of pressure on the structure to cause it to bend.... In this process, the other side (epidermis) is forced to stretch .... The recovery is achieved as a result of the side (epidermis) that lost turgor pressure restoring the lost pressure and then some by actual growth.

1.  Drosera (sundews)


2.  Dionaea (Venus flytrap)


3.  Aldrovanda (waterwheel plant)


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