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Carnivorous Plants - Utricularia macrorhiza
by Makoto Honda
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Utricularia Pollinator

In a southern Oregon bog, a hoverfly (not a bee) was observed pollinating the flower of Utricularia macrorhiza.
July 2007.

PHOTO:  Utricularia Pollinator

Initially, a bee seemed a bit too large for this flower, but, maybe not....

PHOTO:  Utricularia Pollinator

Notice the way the bee is forcing its mouth into the opening between the upper and lower corolla lips,
trying to reach the spur, where the nectar is retained.
The forced opening of the lips is clearly seen in the deformation of the corolla shape of the flower below,
compared with the same flower before and after the pollinator visit.
I just noticed that this bee had a long, pointed nose!

PHOTO:  Utricularia Pollinator

PHOTO:  Utricularia Pollinator

There aren't many articles on Utricularia pollinators, but Salmon also reports sighting of a small honey bee
on Utricularia gibba and Utricularia dichotoma in New Zealand. 
See Carnivorous Plants of New Zealand by Bruce Salmon, Ecosphere Publications, 2001.

Also, Pollination Biology of Mass Flowering Terrestrial Utricularia Species (Lentibulariaceae) in the Indian Western Chats by N. Hobbhahn, H.Kuchmeiser, S. Porembski, Plant Biol (Stuttg) 2006, 8: 791-804, describes the pollination biology of 3 terrestrial Utricularia species (U. albocaerulea, U. purpurascens, U. reticulata). They have found more than 50 species of bees, butterflies, moths, and other Diptera pollinating flowers.

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