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2010 July 05
Updating My Trip summary.

2009 August 06
Added AdSense code............

2009 February 15
Added The Origin of Species. on this 150th anniversary of this historical book............

2008 February 3
Added Nikon D300 Note.............

2008 January 26
Added Tripod Note.............

2007 December 30
Added PL Filter Note.............

2007 November 26
Updated Glossary.............

2007 October 30
Adjusting the image intensity of all photos.............

2007 September 15
Drosera is getting bigger
Drosera Germination

2007 August 23
All photos are being moved

2007 August 19
Photos on "More CP Photos" are moved to

2007 June 2
Pinguicula moranensis & Prey

2007 May 15
Drosera rotundifolia photos

2007 May 8
Pinguicula moranensis photos

2007 April 25
Venus Flytrap Revisited

2007 March 3
Sarracenia at a Glance

2007 February 24
Adding bibliography 
Heliamphora Map / List   

2007 February 19
Adding bibliography 

2007 February 16
Nepenthes species list 
By Species Name and  By Date  and  By Locality  

2007 February 10
Photos of seedlings
Sarracenia    Darlingtonia   

2007 January 30
Added Nepenthes  (On-going)

2006 December 15
Added a CP book CP Book

2006 December 12
Some postage stamps photos added CP Postage Stamps and Insectivorous Plant Society IPS, Japan

2006 December 2
Some seed photos added Sarracenia, New seeds

2006 October 21
Started CP at a Glance (on-going) Finished Roridula. Also adding Place-Holders for Illustration

2006 August 15
Added some bug shots at the end of the page.... Darlingtonia.

2006 August 7
Some photos from Redding.... Darlingtonia.

2006 July 31

Went to a cobra plant habitat near Redding, CA. I went to this same spot some 30 years ago....

2006 July 22
Changed to a new look... also contents

2006 July 17
Modified   Phylogeny Tree1    Phylogeny Tree2

2006 May 5
Added some old pictures - scanned from my print album
Drosera Utricularia Cephalotus Nepenthes

2006 March 2
Updated Phylogeny of Carnivorous Plants and World Map hierarchical nesting

2006 January 30  
Creating Phylogeny of Carnivorous Plants.

2005 Decmber 4  
Added Photomacrography Theory.

2005 November 14  
Updated Venus Flytrap and Cobra Plant.

2005 November 9  
Updating the overall color scheme CP World Map.

2005 November 5  
Updating Butterworts photos   Notes on Nikon D200.

2005 September 16  
Drosera adelae Pinguicula moranensis  Proboscidea

2005 April 2  
Working on CP Book Library (not done yet)

2005 March 27  
Note on Nikon's flagship digital SLR camera Nikon D2X

2005 March 11  
Working on CP World Map.

2005 March 3  
Adding Seed Photo Library here.

2005 February 15  
Added some B&W prints for sale.  Click here for B&W.

2005 February 03  
This site is changing to " ".  I do not know how long I will keep the old domain name "".  Please use the new domain name address.

2005 January 03  
This site is still being visited by 1000 or so visitors from distinct addresses every week. Thank you!
Trying to improve the look and feel of this site.  May take some time.  Now that I am using high resolution scanner, the picture quality will improve.

2005 January 01  
Worked on Notes on Photography. On-going... This is just a place to keep my personal notes on photography. I have not started to use any "real" digital cameras yet. I am still learning about digital photography.

2001 June  
This site opened. Joined ICPS web ring.